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What makes us a caring organization

We believe every person has value!

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It is the belief of the Project 16:15 founder and visionary of Blank Canvas Mission that each and every one of us, regardless of background, social status, religeous beliefs, sexuality, gender, finacial status or education has equal value. We all of us matter to someone, and everyone of has experienced  pain, heartache, lonliness, even fear in some form.
We can spend so much time arguing policies and agendas, theologys and principles that we miss that moment when another womans son or daughter, another childs mother or father  fades away from sight. Lost to isolation and lonliness, fear and depression, ending up yet another  life on the streets, where prostitution, abuse and drug dependancy can become the norm.
Project 16:15 and Blank Canvas Mission started out as a means to introduce every single person, regardless of situation and circumstance, to what it really means when someone claims to be a follower of Christ. The very title Project 16:15 is from Mark 16 v15 where it says "Go out into all the world....".
However Project 16:15 does not come with conditions or hoops to jump through, in fact many of the team members and supporters are of no faith at all, some hold to different faiths, the love, compassion and help we offer is freely given, without prejudice or judgement.
Project 16:15 and every single supporter is here to show the beating heart of compassion that is capable of living in all mankind. To reach out with a cup of tea, a listening ear, a smile and open arms to each and every person that crosses our path. Project 16:15 says that regardless of what choices got you to where you are, where you are is exactly where we are going to meet you.
And if along the way the story and testimony of how a simple faith changed one mans life can be used to make a difference to anothers then that story i will gladly tell.
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" We are all of us just one bad decision, one wrong choice away from waking up with nothing except the kindness of a stranger"


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"Everyone deserves to know they have value. Your donation no matter how small carries that message loudly"

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H E L P  U S

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Project 16:15 Homeless Breakfast Delivery


Nothing says your worth something quite like breakfast in bed.

Join us on one of our events or even on a morning breakfast run. By being a part of the Project you are giving us a louder voice and a larger profile. Change will only come when those in need can be heard.

Support us financially through one of the links on this site. whether its a one of donation or regular support. Whether its a pound or a hundred pounds, every single penny makes a difference .




Donate items such as blankets, sleeping bags, camping equipment, warm clothing, food items. Anything that is of a usable condition which we can take to the streets with us and pass on to another person.

Like and follow us on Facebook. By sharing our posts and events you will be enabling others to get involved and help raise awarenessof the reality on our streets.


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Christmas Breakfast

Breakfast in Bed

2017 Christmas breakfast event saw a multitude of people coming together to cook and serve the homeless community on Northampton market.
Clothing and other items, selection boxes and toiletries were avaliable.
We saw over 30 from the street community blessed and fed over those three hours.

Project 16:15 aims to ensure that every member of our community, not only feels valued, but also knows that they have value.
To acheive this we serve breakfast in bed to all those we find on the streets of Northampton, every single morning.
Letting every one know that they are worth enough for us to come.

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Love Day Dinner

For valentines we took over the front of All saints Church, turning it into an outdoor restaurant. We served 3 courses to everyone that came.
The main was cooked fresh on a BBQ and included steak.
Everyone left with full bellies and knowing they were absolutely worth it.

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To get in touch with us or for more information please fill in the details requested.

We will get back to you at the first avaliable opportunity.